Sunday, April 17, 2011

Does anyone here not have an MEd?

I read this Alfie Kohn essay this morning and it really hit my intellectual wheel house. All of these things seem so apparant to me that I do not understand why we do not do something about everyone of them. Here are the 10 points:
- Much of the material students are required to memorize is soon forgotten
- Just knowing a lot of facts doesn't mean you're smart
- Students are more likely to learn what they find interesting
- Students are less interested in whatever they're forced to do and more enthusiastic when they have some say
- Just because doing x raises standardized test scores doesn't mean x should be done
- Students are more likely to succeed in a place where they feel known and cared about
- We want children to develop in many ways, not just academically
- Just because a lesson (or book, or class, or test) is harder doesn't mean it's better
- Kids aren't just short adults
- Substance matters more than labels

Thewhole essay is worth a read.

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