Monday, July 25, 2011

Does Your School Fit this Profile

•focus on information and facts in an age when these are all cheaply available on the Internet
•focus on standardized skills in an age where people with only standardized will be competing against lower-cost competition in China and India
•focus on what students know in an age where skills, information, and technologies quickly go out of date
•focus on preparing students for jobs in an age where most jobs are service jobs and do not pay well or bring people much status
•focus on individual achievement in an age where almost all real problems, and most high-tech workplaces, demand skills in team work and collaboration
•underutilize technology and are, indeed, frightened by it as authorities ban Internet sites, mobile devices, and games in an age where almost all deep learning recruits technology
•treat students as consumers, and often passive ones at that, in an age when young people produce, design, modify, and make choices in their popular culture

From James Paul Gee and Elizabeth Hayes Women and Gaming

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