Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Relationships continues to transition

TDP Relationships gathered the school in Room 10 in a surprise gesture of thanks and well wishing for Young who left for Korea on Wednesday October 23, 2013. We also celebrated with cake and rice in the lunch room. She led the TDP in an in depth study of Korean culture, especially in language and food. We will miss her as she touched the hearts and minds of us all. She intends to return to SFT and the TDP for the 2014-2015 school year. The TDP will stay in touch with her through electronic means.

On Thursday the TDP explored the concept of the dialectic as a way of organizing ideas and examining how concepts change over time. One area we will use it, is in the exploration of the interaction of cultures as we study the competitive relationships of the United States and Asia, particularly the relationships of technology and work.

Friday saw us viewing the autobiography of Dorothy Day, Entertaining Angels. Dorothy Day was an American Social activist whose entire life was dedicated to helping the poor and forgotten survive day to day. It was a moving experience for us all. The relationships of rich and poor are also important as well as the idea of social mobility.

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