Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Downes' Rules of Good Technology

I spend a lot of time thinking about technology and what makes it work well for me and other people.  In the course of that thinking I am very influenced by a Canadian theorist named Stephen Downes. I have been reading him for7 years now. Last night, NormAtNite,  I talked about his nine rules for good technology and I would like to recap them here:

1. Good technology is always available.
2. Good technology is always on.
3. Good technology is always connected.
4. Good technology is standardized.
5. Good technology is simple.
6. Good technology is does not require parts
7. Good technology is standarized.
8. Good technology is modular.
9. Good technology does what you want it to do.

In thinking about these ideas I realized that the technology that meets most of these rules is for the most part forbidden to be used in schools.  My cell phone stays in my pocket and I use 20th century technology to teach 21st century learners. Go figure.

You can find the entire Downes article by clicking here

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